Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Different Types of Intellectual Property Rights for Inventors

Patents and intellectual property rights is a very interesting field to work in. Some of the most common questions in the mind of a new inventor is what is patent?, what is Trademark and copyright? Patent, trademark and copyright all these are the forms of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property is your asset and you have to win patent, trademark or copyright rights so earn any benefit from this. Field of patents is for smart people. To win an intellectual property rights for your invention, product etc you have to be different from other inventors.

Different Types of Intellectual Property Rights:

Patents: Inventors can apply for patent rights for their inventions, designs, utility designs and on an existing invention which has been improved. Basically patents rights are for inventions or things which have some purpose. Patents are not for things which have exclusive names or ideas. Patent Search and patent drafting are very crucial parts of Patent process.

Trademark: Trademarks are for symbols, signs, names, images and devices which represent your brand, products or services. Trademarks are basically used to represent a brand name, product or services. If you win trademark rights for a logo or sign then no one else on this earth can use that without your permission. You just have to register trademark for your products name and it will be your property if someone else is not the owner of that asset. For example you can win trademark for your organization's name and logo.

Copyrights: Copyrights is to protect your assets in music, literature and artistic work. For example an artist can claim copyright for his/her paintings or writings. Once the copyright has been awarded to the artist, no other person can claim those arts or writings.

A person can use all three parts of intellectual property rights i.e patents, trademark and copyright. For example, suppose you have invented a water filter which assures 100% pure water. Then you can file patent for that invention. File trademark for the name of the water filter and claim copyright for the instruction manual associated with the product.

Patent filing, patent drafting and trademark filing are not easy tasks. Copyright filing is a bit easier. Most of the inventors take help from Patent firms. If you are willing to file a patent application for your invention then it is advisable to take help from a registered patent attorney. Even there are lots of patent firms available in the market. It is advisable to work with them after doing proper research of their reputation.


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